Friday Finds: New music to check out – Nov. 29, 2019


DETROIT – Here’s some new music to get your weekend started.

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

I Wish I Never Met You -- Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder dropped a track about the feelings experienced after a relationship goes bad.

It’s a song about pain, regret and acceptance that sums up the grieving process, including the sadness and questions associated with it. The vocals are low, over a beat that isn’t slow but isn’t overly upbeat, making “I Wish I Never Met You” a solemn track.

“I wish I never met you / But it’s a little too late / You left me with these issues that I just can’t seem to shake / I wish I never met you”

Oh Wonder is set to drop a new album, “No One Else Can Wear Your Crown,” on Feb. 7. The band is slated to perform in Michigan on April 13.

If you like "I Wish I Never Met You," here are some other songs by Oh Wonder worth checking out:

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Doin’ Too Much -- SAYGRACE

Grace Sewell has re-branded from her stage name Grace and moved onto the next chapter of her career -- SAYGRACE.

“This time last year I was so lost. I felt minimized and controlled by the people I was doing business with. I felt restrained by the limitations and constructs I saw in society but most of all I was bored and disappointed with the norms that female artists are held to in this industry. Now I have absolutely zero f***s to give. I will no longer be bound by other people’s opinions of what they think I should be. I’m gonna do what I want, dress how I want, make art that I’m proud of and write exactly what I think and feel in my songs because that’s what empowers me,” SAYGRACE tweeted.

"Please let me know if I’m doing too much / No, I’m not perfect but I’m close enough”

“Doin’ Too Much” is the second part of what is expected to be a trilogy. “Boys Ain’t S--t” was the debut song. Sewell told Billboard that that first video was meant to “take the sterotypical things that little boys to do girls and flip it on its head, and show little girls being empowered and bada** and teasing the boys in a playful way.”

“So yeah, gender norms is just a dead concept to me. It’s no longer relevant to follow these antiquated rules. Music and art should represent that,” she told Billboard.

If you like "Doin' Too Much," here are some other songs by SAYGRACE worth checking out:

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Chasing Highs -- Too Close to Touch

Too Close to Touch recently released “I’m Hard To Love But So Are You, Vol 3.,” an EP that follows volumes one and two, both released earlier this year.

The upbeat track “Chasing Highs” runs through the thrill of chasing a connection that isn’t going to go anywhere.

“'Cause when it rains it pours / And maybe I adore / A little bit of apathy / Yeah the shame is more than I can take / I swore I didn’t need your sympathy / Didn’t want it, no / Now I need it, yeah"

On the surface, the song seems optimistic, but the lyrics paint a different picture, one of love that is going to crumble and cause pain. Nonetheless, it’s an energetic track.

Too Close to Touch will play at the Pike Room in Pontiac on Dec. 8.

If you like "Chasing Highs," here are some other songs by Too Close to Touch worth checking out:

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Tattoos and Tequila -- Jason Aldean

“Tattoos and Tequila” is the first song on Jason Aldean’s new album "9.″ It’s a song that doesn’t really fit in a box -- but feels like it could be described as a solid country-pop-rock breakup jam.

“When I’m missing her / I take another shot / I know it ain’t the cure / but right now it’s all I got / she took most of me / now all that I have left / are tattoos to remember / tequila to forget”

“I enjoy making the albums and getting into the studio and having that outlet to get creative. You spend all that time making the records and [the fans] come out and you see the reaction it gives people," he told Billboard.

Aldean’s album was released last Friday and features 16 songs. He’s expected to launch a 2020 tour in January.

If you like "Tattoos and Tequila," here are some other songs by Jason Aldean worth checking out:

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Can’t Fight This Feeling -- Bastille, London Contemporary Orchestra

Bastille’s cover of REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling" is good. Like, really, really good.

The band recorded the cover with the London Contemporary Orchestra for British retailers John Lewis and Waitrose’s Christmas ad.

Dan Smith’s voice paired with the orchestra gives the track a magical sound, especially when the instruments play loudly over Smith’s calm vocals.

It’s a beautiful twist on the song.

If you like "Can't Fight This Feeling," here are some other songs by Bastille worth checking out:

JoyThose Nights | OblivionPowerOverjoyed |

Other songs to check out:

Upcoming shows:

  • With Confidence at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit on Nov. 29 (Friday)
  • Issues at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit on Dec. 2 (Monday)
  • Emarosa at the Pike Room in Pontiac on Dec. 8 (Sunday)
  • DaBaby at Royal Oak Music Theatre on Dec. 11 (Wednesday)
  • New Politics at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit on Dec. 18 (Wednesday)

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