Rapper donates money raised for Gov. Gretchen ‘Big Gretch’ Whitmer’s Cartier Buffs to New Era Detroit

Song praising Whitmer’s COVID-19 response goes viral

Detroiters donate to gift Gov. Whitmer Cartier 'Buff' glasses to say 'thank you.'

DETROIT – Michiganders pitched in nearly $3,000 to buy Gov. Gretchen Whitmer a pair of Cartier Buffalo sunglasses after a song went viral praising her handling of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Detroit rapper GmacCash’s “Big Gretch” caught fire over the weekend. On the track, he rapped that the governor has earned her Buffs.

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"It’s just a staple for the city a staple in Detroit,” Darrel Hasty said.

Hasty, with Hutch’s Jewelry in Southfield knows all about status. He sells what’s easily known as one of the most expensive sunglasses, often called Cartier’s or Buffs. Actors, athletes and rappers wear the pricey glasses.

"I mean first off, the price tag -- easily two to $3,000, compared to a pair of Ray Bans,” Hasty said.

The song, which GmacCash said was an appreciation for the governor, led to $2,950 being donated to a GoFundMe account to get Whitmer a pair and thank her for her COVID-19 response.

“The message behind the video basically was the same message Gov. Whitmer was saying about the coronavirus stay-at-home order. I was agreeing with the governor,” the rapper said. “So, that initially came from the city. When the city gives you some Buffs, that’s because they feel like you earned them, you deserve them. It’s just my job, as like the voice of the city and a rap artist of the city, to do a song about it."

The money was raised and the glasses were designed. However, Whitmer’s office sent a statement saying she was grateful for the gesture but couldn’t accept the glasses.

“It is amazing to see GmacCash, and so many others step up in incredible ways to bring our state together during this tough time. While I’m grateful for the gesture to don a pair of iconic Buffs, I hope that the money raised will be put to better use to help spread positivity as our communities recover from this pandemic," the statement read. "If Michiganders continue to stay home and stay safe, we will hopefully be able to get together for the cookout soon.”

GmacCash responded by saying he will donate the money raised to community organization New Era Detroit.

Hear the song below (NOTE: There is explicit language):