Women’s History Month: Detroit’s own legendary jazz singer Kimmie Horne

Kimmie Horne is a Detroit jazz singer now known around the world.

We caught up with her for Women’s History Month -- watch the interview above.

She’s music royalty and has created a lane for herself while giving other artists a platform. Her name and voice will go down in Detroit musical history. Horne, now a legendary international jazz singer, has been entertaining audiences all her life.

“I really love and have now fallen more in love with jazz and the different textures and instruments,” said Horne.

And it’s in her blood. She comes from a musical family.

“My dad was a professional drummer,” she said. “My uncle was a member of The Fantastic Four and then being the great niece of Lena Horne.”

Yes, she’s kin to the iconic Grammy award winning singer, dancer and actress, Lena Horne. Kimmie Horne is carrying on her family’s musical background with shows around the world but always showing love to her hometown of Detroit where she was born and raised.

The Kimmie Horne Jazz Festival is now gearing up for its fifth year. The free family friendly August outdoor event is a weekend for music lovers.

“It really is a festival of love. It’s not about--the whole concept behind it is a musical family affair. It’s about the musicians on the stage and if we love one another and embrace each other, the audience, they’ll get it you know? It’ll spread out!” said Horne. “That’s what it’s all about. It really is. I created the jazz festival because I simply wanted to have a stage where musicians, different peers of mine that I’ve always wanted to work with or always wanted to see perform and enjoy them while I’m there.”

And during this Women’s History Month, Horne wants all women to be celebrated because this month is important.

“It’s important because there are a lot of women out here that are heroes every day!” she said. “From mothers and single mothers and raising their children. So what it means to me is that we continue to outreach and lift one another.”

The Kimmie Horne Jazz Festival is scheduled for Aug. 13-14, 2021 at the Southfield Municipal Campus front lawn. It will be live and in-person with a virtual option for those who would like to watch from home. Make sure you save the date -- Aug. 13-14.

More information: Kimmie Horne Jazz Festival

Horne will also be performing at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe on March 31st through April 3rd with a special Women’s History Month show.

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