Detroit-based music label Assemble Sound lands partnership with Atlantic Records

Assemble Sound has new artist development partnership, joint venture with Atlantic Records

Detroit's Assemble Sound strikes deal with Atlantic Records.

DETROITAssemble Sound is based in a historic Corktown church. Since 2015, the music company has worked to cultivate the next generation of Detroit musicians.

Atlantic Records took notice and this week announced a new artist development partnership and joint venture label deal with Assemble Sound.

Detroit music journalist Gary Graff said Assemble’s integrity is what speaks for them and a major partnership like this was inevitable.

“This is not the first big, national recording company that’s been interested in Assemble Sound and Assemble Sound’s artists. They’ve developed a really great reputation for the music that comes out of there, for the integrity with which they approach music,” Graff said.

While the world doesn’t need a reminder of Detroit’s rich musical legacy, Graff said Assemble Sound and the work its doing is a great addition.

“KISS certainly reminded them (the world) of that with Detroit Rock City. Journey did by inventing ‘South Detroit’. Motown does almost on a minute by minute basis, it certainly never hurts to have something else out there that says ‘Hey, look at this really cool thing that’s coming out of Detroit and you’re going to be hearing a lot more of it,’” Graff said.

Garret Koehler, the co-founder and general manager of Assemble released the following statement:

Atlantic Records chairman and CEO Craig Kallman and Chairman and COO Julie Greenwald released the following statement:

In 2022, the labels will begin selecting artists to sign to a jointly-operated Assemble Sound and Atlantic Records label.

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