Classic Rock Bracket: A special affinity for Rush

Geddy Lee performs at the MGM Grand Garden Arena July 28, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Full disclosure: The bass guitar is my preferred instrument.

I started playing it as a teen and quickly decided it would be my instrument of choice. Plus, everyone always needed a bassist to join their band. Simple economics, really.

I put my guitar aside, started focusing on the bass exclusively, and then promptly fell in love with Geddy Lee. I even traded in my precision bass for a jazz bass so I could sound even more like Geddy.

So it's safe to say Rush has had an influence on me. When I first heard "YYZ" I figured that was it -- why is any more rock music being made? These guys already achieved the perfect prog rock piece.

It was Geddy's bass riffing and soloing that sealed it for me. When I listen to Rush songs I only hear the bass -- that crunchy tone he perfected. He brought it to the forefront and gave it his own flair. Then he put his signature vocals over it. It is mind-bending to think about playing some of those bass lines and singing at the same time. Very few people have the talent to pull it off.

If we were doing a progressive rock bracket I would have Rush vs. Yes in the final. But we are doing a Classic Rock Bracket, so I probably won't have Rush going too far. Still, I want everyone to know that if I had my way, this band would win.

Kudos to Paul Rudd for giving Rush so much love in the movie "I Love You, Man."

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