Video: Woman claims to see UFO hovering over Detroit

DETROIT – A Detroit woman says everybody thinks she's going crazy -- but she is standing by what she saw hovering above her home on the evening of Friday, June 3. 

Vanessa Oliver has video of what she claims to be a UFO above her Detroit home, near Gratiot Avenue and Van Dyke.

In the video, Oliver claims she has seen the same light in the sky several times before, but finally captured it on video. Oliver tells Local 4 the video didn't do it justice; that she could see more detailed, colorful lights.

She captured the video around 9 p.m., on June 3, which shows the mysterious light floating, and moving around in the night sky.

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"Tell me I'm going crazy. Tell me that I don't see what I think I see," Oliver said in the video. "I will not sleep tonight. This is scary."

Famous Michigan UFO sightings

Dexter, Michigan - 1966

On March 14, 1966, seven police officers reported a UFO moving over Livingston and Washtenaw counties

Their claims were backed up by more than 100 other witnesses, who claimed to see the objects for four hours - hovering over the University of Michigan.

More sightings were reported three days later by two other Washtenaw County deputies, who claimed to see three or four red, white and green circular objects glowing in the sky..

After much speculation and investigation, a UFO expert debunked the sightings, calling them swamp gas, which forms from decomposition of vegetation.

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Ludington, Michigan - 1943

A 78-year-old Michigan woman claimed to have spotted a "saucer-like" object flying towards her while at her at cottage outside of Ludington.

"I saw a saucer-like object flying toward me," the witness stated. "It then stopped over Hamlin Lake and after a second, went back the way it came from the other side of Hamlin Lake and on perhaps in the direction of Lake Michigan."

She described it in very good detail.

"It didn't make any noise and I didn't see any windows. It just looked like a flying saucer. The speed was relatively slow and it seemed to stop for a moment over about the middle of the lake there and then reverse course going back in the direction it had come as if to say, 'Oh, I'm going in the wrong direction."

The sighting was never fully explained.

Grand Haven, Michigan - 1994

On March 8, 1994, Cindy Pravda claimed to have seen four bright lights just above a tree line in her Grand Haven backyard.

Pravda said the lights stayed visible for several minutes, while moving slowly.

On the same night, 911 operators received numerous calls stating similar accounts. 

The National Weather Service reported sudden movements of the object on radar -- 20 miles in 10 seconds. The radar operator said the blips were in a triangular formation.

The sighting remains unexplained.

Michigan ranks 9th for most UFO sightings

In January 2015, the National UFO Reporting Center ranked Michigan ninth in the country for UFO sightings, with 2,424 reports.

The report breaks down sightings by state, duration of sighting, shape and description.

The sightings range from the 1950s to 2015. The top three states are:

  • California (11,092)
  • Florida (5,017)
  • Washington (4,951)
  • You can check out the latest reports in Michigan here.

    The infographic below shows reports from 1994 to 2011.

    GoFigure today visits the states where the most UFOs are sighted.


    Top explanations for UFO sightings

    UFO sightings are usually debunked fairly quickly. Throughout history, these sightings have been attributed to fairly simple things, including:

    • Military experiments
    • Airplanes
    • Lightning
    • Other planets (Venus, Mars)
    • Balloons
    • Cloud formations

    See a UFO? Report it!

    The internet provides many places to report UFO sightings -- one of them being the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

    MUFON is widely recognized as the go-to for UFO reports. If you happen to see some strange lights in the sky, and you survive to tell the tale -- report it here!

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