‘Everything is Fine’: Searching for normalcy in upended family life

Everything is Fine. (WDIV)

As we navigate one of the strangest time periods in history, we are sure to question everything and wonder if what we’re doing is the right thing to do.

The only solid answer available is, “who the hell knows?!”

My name is Jeremy and I’m a father of three and husband to Kelly. We are working from home currently, while trying this whole homeschooling thing out. It’s territory we aren’t familiar with - at all! But I know we aren’t alone in this. So many of us are trying to navigate work in a corner of our house while our children break through the door regularly demanding attention.

It’s a tricky balancing act, which makes you feel that you’re failing at one of your core jobs.

I’m sure with time and experience, this will become easier. For now, we will do our best with each moment.

Each day, for the next few weeks, I hope to journal what life is like with an audio journal. My family will guest star along the way. Here’s episode: Day 1 (I use the word quarantine in this episode - but none of us are sick)

Let us know if you have opinions or think you have valuable advice that can help others!

Thanks for listening.

Socially distant, Jeremy

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