5 reasons why you might want to consider skipping a restaurant on Father’s Day

Compared to Mother’s Day, restaurants are a lot emptier on Father’s Day

Stock image/ Luis Quintero
Stock image/ Luis Quintero (Pexels)

While restaurant reservation books are usually filled for Mother’s Day, there traditionally isn’t as much ink required for those same books on Father’s Day, according to one website.

Father’s Day does see an uptick for restaurant activity, according to Womply, which said the holiday brings in 22% more revenue for restaurants.

But that still pales in comparison to the 47% increase Mother’s Day brings to restaurants.

In fact, only 29% of fathers surveyed said they wanted to be taken out to eat on Father’s Day, according to Zagat.

So, why isn’t going out to eat a priority for fathers out there, like it is for mothers on their special day?

Here are five theories.

1). Fathers don’t want to drive.

Loading up the car, driving to a restaurant, dealing with traffic and possibly even constant cries of “Are we there yet?” is something many fathers would prefer not to deal with. This is why arranging for an Uber ride might not be a bad gift idea.

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