School report: ‘Virtual learning is not for the K-3’

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Using blue light blockers with virtual learning

These are responses to our callout for sharing experiences with virtual learning at home, from parents, students and teachers.

“This virtual learning is not for the K-3. I’m assisting my daughter with three kids -- kindergarten,1st, and 7th. The teachers are moving fast and using far too many dittos, like all 1st graders are reading. When I taught high school, September was review for review to find out what they know or have regressed in over the summer and the last 4 months of school, which was interrupted this time. Students move all over the state trying to find the right fit for a child. We will have a whole generation left behind. Sounds familiar to 'No Child Left Behind.”

-- Anonymous

“This whole virtual learning thing is a complete nightmare for kids and parents. My first grade and 3rd grade boys are really frustrated and so are we. The school and teacher expectations are ridiculous. They really expect these little kids to learn and do all this while virtual? Are you serious? Well guess what? I’m not going to leave my kids for hours in front of the screen! I give them several breaks and sometimes don’t even go online because we are done with it. And if they are behind when they go back to school, then the teacher will be earning their salary for once. GET THE KIDS BACK TO A CLASSROOM! Private schools are open, why aren’t public schools?”

-- Vanessa

How is virtual learning going? Let us know

Virtual learning is now well underway in many Michigan school districts.

We want to hear from parents and students about their experiences with this unprecedented situation. We’ve also received many comments from teachers who are double-timing as parents at home.

Please tell us how it’s going:

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