Looking for love? This is Michigan’s most-searched online dating question

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DETROIT – If you’re looking for love during a pandemic, you’re probably searching for it -- online.

Viasat compiled some Google Trends search data to create a map of the most-searched online dating questions in every state.

According to a 2019 Stanford study, online dating is now the most common way couples meet or connect. Further proving the point, 57 million people worldwide use Tinder.

According to the data, the most-searched online dating question in Michigan is: “How to break up over text”

Michigan is not alone in this one -- there are a handful of other states with the same top-search. Here are some other findings:

  • Americans in eight states googled “How to go on a Zoom date.” It’s no secret that Zoom’s popularity—and Americans’ reliance on it—increased exponentially. The company’s stock skyrocketed 22%, and the company made more in three months in 2020 than what it earned in all of 2019.
  • “How to date online” is the most-searched digital dating query in nine states. As of last year, over 32 million Americans online date. Online dating was already popular before 2020, but online dating became some people’s only way to put themselves out there with social distancing in place. The Morning Consult reports that 53% of respondents used dating apps more often in 2020.
Most-searched online dating questions in every state. (Viasat)

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