What are the best ways to find, decorate a home office space?

Celebrity expert offers 5 ideas

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With remote working likely being a concept that sticks around, creating a productive work space at home is more important than ever.

Shani Moran is a home decorator who has worked with celebrities such as Usher, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton on how to decorate and furnish their office spaces.

When it comes to creating a great space to work from at home, she offers these five tips.

1. Find your spot.

Moran said it’s important to find the most unused space in the house, or what she calls “the power place.”

“It’s the lonely space (that) no one ever uses, and all family members avoid hanging out in,” she said.

From there, Moran said it’s important to recognize your needs and what is important to create a productive space, and also to be open to a new environment that’s practical.

2. Use furniture to create boundaries.

Moran said setting a good work tone in your space is vital through the proper use of furniture.

“Change angles of existing furniture,” she said. “Look around and find an accent cabinet, a sideboard, an old armchair, or anything with which you can create a semi-private space using furniture to form some boundaries. You can also use bright pops of color to help distinguish and set boundaries to the different areas of the home, which for most of us, is rapidly becoming also an office, gym, restaurant and cinema, amongst other things, during this time.”

3. Create good solutions for decor issues.

For those struggling on how to brighten up the room with good decorations, Moran said choosing with confidence is key.

“For smaller spaces, bring in a mirror which will open up the space and energy,” she said. “For darker corners, bring in some light and color by using a lamp and a colorful, decorative pillow or a fun clock. Pinpoint an existing dominant color in the room and match that to create harmony and flow.”

4. Use colors and creativity.

Using vibrant, dynamic colors is usually the best way to go for decorating an office space, Moran said.

“Which color is the exact match for you? That’s for you to answer,” Moran said. “Take a moment. Close your eyes and imagine yourself killing it at work. Now, paint these emotions with color. The colors you are seeing are the ones that will ignite your internal flame. Strong reds, shades of yellows, passionate blues and stimulating greens are all primary colors sure to get our creative juices flowing and breathe productive energy into the space.”

5. Avoid clutter.

Making sure there aren’t too many items stacked up in one area is important for a productive office space as well, Moran said.

“Do you have over seven random items laying around in one particular area? If so, it’s time to narrow down,” Moran said. “Store what you don’t use. Clearing up creates space to breathe and form new ideas.”

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