This website lets you rent boats, many of which even come with a captain

Worried you don’t have enough experience to rent a big boat? Fear not!

Photo provided by GetMyBoat

It seems as if there’s an Airbnb-type site for everything these days.

Have you heard of GetMyBoat, a site and mobile app families and groups of friends can use to rent out boats and hit the water?

It might be a fun activity as we inch closer to official summertime!

Check out this massive river boat below.

Photo provided by GetMyBoat

“Many of our rental options are charters, which include a boat captain, so no worries if no one has prior boating experience,” said Val Streif, a spokesperson for GetMyBoat.

That sounds like it’s a step up from renting a boat at a local lake.

Plus, being able to custom-tailor your options sounds nice, too.

There’s no guarantee that the perfect boat exists in your dream destination or on your local lake, but it’s worth a gander, right?

Streif said boats are available for all budgets and interests.

Also, if you’re a boat owner and you’d like to list your vessel, it’s free to do so.

“The past two summers have been quite the ride here at GetMyBoat,” Streif said in August 2021. “We’re seeing 700% growth this year, and that is on top of a really crazy growth year in 2020. Boating stood out as a great activity during the height of the pandemic. It’s social-distancing friendly to stay away from groups that aren’t your own family and be on your own boat. Boats are also regularly cleaned and sanitized between rentals/charters, and being outdoors is definitely the safer option. We are on track to have our best year yet -- sending over a million people boating before the end of 2021. We’ve grown to offer over 140,000 boating experiences across 9,300 destinations.”

Streif went on to say people have rescheduled once-canceled events from 2020 using GetMyBoat, which has been awesome. They’ve heard of weddings, bachelorette parties, family gatherings and more.

Some owners have even have transitioned out of their full-time jobs into being boat captains full time, Streif said.

Cool idea!

This story was first published in 2019. It has since been updated.