A northern gem: 5 things to do in Marquette

Town along Lake Superior provides a little of everything for tourists

Photo by Keith Dunlap (GMG)

Getting to Marquette, Michigan isn’t the easiest of tasks, given its location in the middle-northern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, right along Lake Superior.

But for anyone willing to trek north, getting there and experiencing the area makes any travel worth it.

Here are five prominent things to do in Marquette.

1. Take in the breathtaking water views.

Photo by Keith Dunlap. (GMG)

Whether it’s driving into the town along M-28, walking in the downtown area or playing at a park, it’s hard not to experience scenic views of Lake Superior, which is the biggest of the Great Lakes.

There are plenty of beaches to visit as well, if you’re in the mood to actually take a dip in the water, not just look at it.

2. Walk a lively downtown.

Photo by Keith Dunlap (GMG)

An assortment of restaurants and breweries where you can get food and drinks? Check.

Streets filled with plenty of locally owned places to shop? Check.

A park where kids can play on a massive playground set and people can walk their dogs? Yep.

Coffee shops and movie theaters? There are those as well in a downtown that, as mentioned above, also has water views everywhere.

3. Jump off the Black Rocks.

Photo by Keith Dunlap (GMG)

These are located at Presque Isle Park, located right on Lake Superior just a few minutes from downtown. The black rocks can be walked on to gain more views of the surrounding water and cliffs, but the big draw for tourists is a spot where people can jump roughly 15 feet into the water during the summer.

4. Go to Greywalls/Marquette Mountain.

Photo by Keith Dunlap. (GMG)

In the summer, there are few more popular places than Greywalls, a one-of-a-kind golf course that is one of the country’s top public courses.

Greywalls was ranked earlier this year as the No. 34 public course in the United States by Golfweek.

It’s a challenging course, but one with jaw-dropping scenery of surrounding Lake Superior and walls of rock around immaculate greens and fairways.

In the fall and winter, tourists like to visit Marquette Mountain for views of fall colors and skiing.

5. Experience a college town with youthful vibrance.

Photo by Keith Dunlap. (GMG)

Marquette is home to Northern Michigan University, and even though some might get turned off by college towns, it’s hard to deny that colleges and universities bring vibrance and economic impact to a community. Because of that, such towns tend to work harder to keep up with modern times, with developing new businesses and homes, and Marquette is an example of that.

Several new high-rise condos and apartments along the water have gone up over the years, with more under construction at the moment.

Restaurants and other businesses that cater to college-aged people are also prevalent throughout the area.

Is there anything we missed about Marquette that you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below.

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