Kim Adams: Where I’ve been and why I’m returning to WDIV

Kim and family. (WDIV)

Hey there!

It’s Kim Adams, WDIV-TV meteorologist, soon to be with you on weeknights at 4, 5, 6 and 11. I still can’t believe I get to say those words!

I’m beyond excited to return to Channel 4, in a role I’ve cherished for over 27 years. But first, let’s do some catching up!

I left TV after my third child Alexander was born. I wanted to be home with my children, though I’ve still always kept one foot in the business. After Alex, I went on to have two more children, both boys.

So here’s the rundown (don’t worry there won’t be a test). Ava, (19), Aaron (18), Alexander (13), Alden (10) and Andrew (9). A girl and four boys have certainly kept me busy over years.

My daughter Ava was on a national volleyball team and is now a sophomore at Michigan State University. Aaron is my tennis player, and I just dropped him off in June at the University of South Florida in Tampa where he’s studying pre law and politics.

Alex, Alden and Andrew are all very into baseball and I’ve spent many hours shuffling them from field to field.

Although I love baseball, I’ve also had a few unwanted curveballs thrown my way since you’ve last seen me.

A difficult divorce, breast cancer, and the loss of my beloved dad. But I’m proud to say, I’m now a five-year cancer survivor and am dedicated to helping women in the battle against breast cancer.

I also miss my dad tremendously. But I truly believe the call from WDIV, all these years later, was heaven sent.

My dad was never more proud of me than when I was on the air as a meteorologist. My guardian angel led me back home where I belong. He knew how much I missed forecasting, my co workers, and how much I Ioved getting to know my audience. In fact, many viewers who’ve contacted me over the years have become lifelong friends.

Meteorology has always been my first love. Long nights studying synoptic meteorology, thermodynamics, dynamics all paid off and provided the foundation and knowledge to become the first female meteorologist in Detroit television history. But being back in your living rooms each night isn’t about all that for me, it’s about connection.

It’s about serving the Detroit community and helping people. I’ll never forget when a five-year old boy came running up to me once and said, “Kim Kim! It’s me Evan!”

“It’s nice to meet you Evan,” I said.

“NO you KNOW me” he said. “You see me from the TV when you’re on!”

I realized he was at an age when he thought if he could see me on TV, I could see him, as well. And that’s how I want you to feel, like I see you each night and I’m talking directly to you! You’re inviting me into your home and we are having a conversation about the forecast.

I promise to always do my best to provide a clear, concise and accurate forecast, to 4Warn you of what’s coming, good or bad.

I appreciate you and hope you’ll be watching!

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About the Author:

Emmy-award winning Meteorologist Kim Adams rejoined the 4Warn Weather Team in August 2022. You can watch her on the 4, 5, 6, 10 & 11 p.m. newscasts. You can also find her on your cell phone, tablet, computer (by downloading the 4Warn Weather app), Click on Detroit, and Local 4+.