Cherry bacon spread? Cherryaki Sauce? Chain of stores has cherries in just about EVERYTHING

If you love cherries, this is your place

Cherry Republic store in Charlevoix. Photo by Keith Dunlap. (GMG)

The cherry season just wrapped up in California and is in full swing in both Michigan and Washington state, which are among the leading cherry producers in the country.

But at one set of stores, cherry season NEVER is over.

Name a product, and somehow cherries have found their way into them when visiting the Cherry Republic, a group of stores in Michigan.

Cherry Republic store in Charlevoix. Photo by Keith Dunlap. (GMG)

Ever wanted to try fudge sauce with cherries in them? Buy a jar of “Cherry Fudge Sauce.”

Want cherries in salsa, mustard, queso dip, salad dressing or barbecue sauce? All that is available as well.

There’s even a variation of teriyaki sauce called “Cherryaki Sauce,” as well as “Cherry Bacon Spread” and “Cherry Sea Salt.”

Cherry Republic store in Charlevoix. Photo by Keith Dunlap. (GMG)

In addition, there’s summer sausage with dried cherries in it, various chocolate and hard candies that are cherry-flavored, trail mixes, and for the wine enthusiasts, various brands of selections made with cherries (one product goes by the name Cherrish Wine).

Cherry Republic store in Charlevoix. Photo by Keith Dunlap. (GMG)

“I love watching customers walk into a store for the first time,” said Andrew Moore, marketing director for Cherry Republic. “They’re always amazed that cherries can be the star in so many foods.”

Moore said many suggestions for the products over the years have actually come from customers.

“The best ideas come straight from customers through suggestion boxes in our stores,” he said. “When you’re surrounded by so many innovative foods, new ones just come to mind naturally. We’re always working on new products, but some that are closer to launch are baking mixes, candies, hot sauces, and cookies.”

The chain has six stores throughout Michigan, with those being in Ann Arbor, Charlevoix, Frankenmuth, Glen Arbor, Holland and Traverse City.

Have you ever visited one of these stores? If so, what is your favorite product with cherries in it? Let us know in the comments below.

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