5 reasons to download Local 4+ on your streaming device right now

Download Local 4+ on your TV's streaming device.

We get it, there are so many apps and streaming services to download now – there’s an app for everything. But there’s something all these other apps can’t offer: local Metro Detroit news.

We’re going to break down the top five reasons why you should download the free Local 4+ app on your TV’s streaming device right now.

1. There’s even more local content on Local 4+ than broadcast

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time on television to give you all the news you need. That’s why we’re expanding our service on a platform with unlimited opportunities. From live press conferences, to expanded 4Warn Weather forecasts, and even special live cams of Metro Detroit’s biggest events, Local 4+ is your go-to for live and engaging local content.

2. Streaming news on your television is easier than ever

We know not everyone has a cable box or antenna these days, but that shouldn’t stop you from having access to local news. With local news more important now than ever, all you need is the same device that you use to stream shows on Disney+, Netflix and Hulu. Best of all, this is local content that matters to you.

3. Exclusive shows you won’t find anywhere else

Not only will you get Local 4 News Today and Live in the D every morning, Local 4+ is the exclusive home to Local 4 News at 7 a.m. and Jason Carr Live at 8 a.m. Get an extra dose of local news with your favorite team available only on Local 4+. You’ll also get an extra hour of news every weeknight on Local 4 News at 10 p.m., another Local 4+ exclusive.

4. You can join in on the fun - live!

With Local 4+, TV isn’t just a one-way street anymore. Interact with us from your phone with live chats, and you just might hear your name and comment on TV.

5. You can watch Local 4+ even if you’re out of town

On a vacation or work trip but need to stay updated with stories affecting Metro Detroit? You can access Local 4+ anywhere, anytime with a connected streaming device.

To get started, simply search “Local 4+” or “WDIV” on your streaming device’s app store (Roku, Apple TV, Firestick and Chromecast -- it may not be available in all platforms just yet). Hit the download button and you’ll immediately unlock our streaming content all for free.