An old high school gym turned into a home? You’ll have to see listing to believe it

Realtor who sold gym/home had high school graduation ceremony there

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Have you ever wanted to live in an old high school gymnasium built in the 1950s?

If so, it looks like you’ve already been beaten to it.

For the past 20 years, a couple in Wilkinson, Indiana, has been busy turning a high school gymnasium into a residential home, all while preserving some elements of the gymnasium such as the original basketball court and bleachers, according to Insider.

One portion of the house has the original basketball court, ceiling and bleachers, while another portion was renovated into elements of what typical homes have, such as a kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.

The place sits on 3.6 acres of property and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Click or tap here to view the home’s listing and photos on Zillow.

The couple listed the house for $299,000 earlier this summer, and according to USA Today, recently accepted an offer for “at least the asking price” and are in the closing process.

The couple originally bought the gymnasium for $85,000 in 2002.

According to USA Today, the realtor who sold the home, Roy Wilson, had his high school graduation ceremony in the gym.

“I can tell you where I was sitting during graduation,” Wilson told USA Today. “The gym floor is still there. That end of the floor is where I sat, just about the free throw line, to the right of the basket.”

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