MIPics: Hey, Michigan! Share your photos of the latest Northern Lights display

Northern Lights March 24, 2023 (Ben Kouchnerkavich)

The Northern Lights were showing off Thursday night, and many Michiganders have been posting on social media of the beautiful sight!

From as south as Bay City to as north as Marquette, many across the state had a chance to see one of the world’s natural wonders, and we would love to see your photos. 📸

Experts say that last night’s experience is called aurora borealis, the scientific term for the Northern Lights. The light show was made possible due to a coronal hole(s) on the sun.

Click here to view the aurora dashboard.

The Space Weather Prediction Center states that these coronal holes can happen at any time, allowing the Northern Lights to show off its colors and shapes. The aurora is formed from interactions between the solar wind from the sun and Earth’s magnetosphere. When these solar winds increase in speed and the magnetosphere embeds these winds, the auroras can become brighter, more active and reach further south. Typically, a pale green is seen when the Northern Lights event is happening, but the colors can go into a deep red, although that is less common.

If you have any photos from last night, we would to share them! It’s easy -- just click the link here and upload your photo to MIPics -- our totally free photo and video sharing tool. You’ll see others posting photos there, too!

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Northern lights from Thursday the 23rd outside my sons house in Marquette

Flamingo Sharon,swinne

Northern lights from Ontario Taken by a friend


Picture of an Auroral Corona taken at McLain State Park, Hancock, Michigan

Pins User

The Northern Lights over Port Austin on Thursday night.

43 minutes ago


Northern Lights, 3/23/2023 Afton, Michigan

14 hours ago

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