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Jason with our Insider+ shirt (WDIV)

Greetings, Insiders!

You may remember, a few months ago we asked you what you’d like to see in a paid membership tier for our Insider program.

We read all of your responses and built a program we’re hoping you’ll love. And it’s time to roll it out to you!

Introducing Insider+

Our new Insider+ membership tier will cost a few bucks a month (there’s also a discounted annual option), and includes a free Insider+ shirt, access to local deals and discounts, events, experiences, community connection and much more.

Plus, you’re supporting local journalism!

You’ll keep all of your existing Insider perks, like contests and exclusive content. It’s the same Insider login you normally use.

To be clear: Our Insider program remains free for everyone to sign up and enjoy -- nothing is changing there. Insider+ is a new program with new features we’re making available!

Click the link below to learn more and subscribe -- and send us any feedback you have, we’re going to keep working to make this better and better.

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