Flashpoint: Experts talk war on terror, auto show

DETROIT – This week's episode of Flashpoint began with a look at the war on terror. Devin Scillian and the panel talked about the 17 people that were killed in and around the city of Paris, France.

Dawud Walid, executive director of Cair Michigan, Saeed Khan, Near East Studies professor at Wayne State, Frank Beckmann, WJR radio host, and Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press columnist, talked about whether or not the world has reached a tipping point when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

You can watch the first segment in the video posted above.

In the second segment, the conversation continued and focused on women's rights. Riley talked about her point of view when it comes to women's rights in foreign countries. She says that Americans can't tell others how to run their countries, but issues like terrorism still have to be addressed.

The rest of the panel chimed in on the topic, including Beckmann, who said the top priority is protecting our own country.

Click on the video below to watch the second segment.


In the final segment, Devin spoke with Autoline Daily's John McElroy at the Detroit auto show at Cobo. McElroy talked about the progress that the auto show has made and how positive this year's event has been for the city of Detroit.

Devin also asked McElroy about how lower gas prices affect profits for automakers. McElroy said some fuel experts expect prices to climb to $3 before the end of the year, while others think today's lower prices will last longer than that.

McElroy also introduces you to some of the most popular vehicles at the auto show like the Ram truck and the futuristic Mercedes F015.

You can watch the entire third segment by clicking on the video below.