Special hour-long 'Flashpoint' Sunday

Devin Scillian tackles gun violence and school safety


As students prepare to march on Washington after the recent killing of 17 in a Florida school and Michigan reels from the Friday shooting at Central Michigan University, Local 4 delves deep into the issue of gun violence and school safety.  

This Sunday, Devin Scillian hosts an expanded “Flashpoint” at 10 a.m. that addresses the mass shootings in schools that have both killed and terrorized students across the country. In “Flashpoint: Generation Under Fire” Devin tackles the question of school shootings and school security from many angles – talking to lawmakers, law enforcement, teachers and mental health providers.

The focus will be on examining why it happens, how to prevent it and what can be done to make schools safer, in a country so deeply divided. There’s nothing more important than our children's safety – so we hope you’ll join us for this special Flashpoint.

For nearly 20 years, “Flashpoint” has been a place for respectful discourse about the issues of the day.

“Meet the Press with Chuck Todd” will start at the later time of 11 a.m. on Local 4.