Flashpoint: Michigan updates guidelines for eating freshwater fish; Former Freep journalist talks layoffs

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DETROIT – Pretty strange winter we’re having -- cloudy, we’re used to that. But very mild, and I guess we’re getting more used to that.

When I first moved to Michigan years ago, I remember being fascinated by the ice fishing shanties you’d see on the area lakes. Pretty impossible this year with the warm temperatures. But maybe it’s doing us a favor, especially if you’re inclined to eat what you catch.

A new study out this week shows extremely high levels of PFAS in freshwater fish. PFAS are those forever chemicals that have been linked to all kinds of health problems. It’s not great news in a state where around a million fishing licenses are sold each year, especially for those who fish for food to help offset the high price of groceries. Click here to learn more about the guidelines for rainbow smelt and carp.

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We’re also discussed an old problem that is sadly seeing a new burst of energy and violence in Detroit and that’s the warfare of street gangs. We know about gang fights - but it’s a little different now. New gangs and new kinds of lawlessness, including kidnapping.

We’re also talked with Brian Dickerson. He’s been a frequent Flashpoint guest over the years. But he’s one of many leaving the Detroit Free Press in a round of voluntary layoffs. That phrase doesn’t even make sense --but it’s even more troubling as a checkup on the state of journalism in our city.

You can read Dickerson’s last piece at the Freep here.

You can view the January 22, 2023, episode of Flashpoint in the video player above.

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