Flashpoint: Why a Metro Detroit detention facility declared public health emergency, latest on Donald Trump

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County executive declares public health emergency at Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility

DETROIT – From a state of emergency to a controversial comparison -- another busy week under the Lansing capitol dome and beyond.

After pushing out on social media he expected to be indicted this past week, so far nothing out of the Manhattan DA on former president Donald Trump, although all seem to be bracing for charges. If it comes to pass what does it mean for the political math here in Michigan?

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Also closer to home, gun bills continue to roll through both chambers in Lansing and while final language is still in the works newly elected MiGOP chair Kristina Karamo stands by comments linking these bills to the holocaust.

After months of nothing but bad news coming out of Wayne County’s Juvenile Detention Facility, it’s now to the point the executive says it’s an emergency -- so now what.

And all eyes are on Detroit’s city council this coming week as the Illitch’s Olympia development comes looking for $800 million in tax subsidies for District Detroit -- but there’s something new in the mix this time around which might just sway some votes.

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