Flashpoint: Hydrogen plant to be built in Michigan -- what that means for the auto industry

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DETROIT – A very timely piece of news arrived this past week as we watch Detroit and the auto industry realigning itself for the future.

Last week on this program, I asked Bill Ford, Jr. if something on the horizon might disrupt our move to electrification, and I asked in particular about hydrogen. Almost on cue, this past week, a Norwegian company, nel announced its plans to build a manufacturing plant in Michigan. It will be one of the largest electrolyzer plants in the world. An electrolyzer takes water and breaks it down into its two components, oxygen and hydrogen. That hydrogen can then be turned into energy-dense, clean energy.

A hydrogen-powered vehicle works like a kind of magic trick - you burn hydrogen and the emission you get is water vapor. And it just so happens hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. But last week, Ford ran down just some of the many obstacles. Just what is the promise of hydrogen? And what does it mean that Nel chose the mitten for its plant? We talked with the CEO of Nel about those questions and more.

Also, I always note that elections are a marathon and not a sprint. Maybe it’s not a great idea to start prognosticating 548 days out. But more and more, it seems we’re headed to Biden/Trump two — which no one seems to want. How can that be?

And ML Elrick of the Detroit Free Press makes a plea for a little space.

You can view the May 7, 2023, episode of Flashpoint in the video player above.

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