Flavor Flav's restaurant closes in Sterling Heights


STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – Flavor Flav is known for that clock around his neck but time has run out at his Sterling Heights restaurant.

His chicken and ribs eatery, Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs, was shut down but the rapper plans to open another location. The motto of the restaurant is "Chicken you crave, perfected by Flav."

Flavor flav's business partner, Gino Harmon, says they already have a new place in mind.

A judge says the operators of the restaurant were evicted because they were behind on rent.

Harmon denies that claim.

About Flav:

The Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs website describes Flav as:

Entrepreneur, Rap Mogul, and Reality T.V. Personnel William Drayton aka Flavor Flav brings his passion for bold and innovative fare straight to the heart of Metro-Detroit, MI that inspired Flavor Flav's Chicken and Ribs.

Flavor Flav developed his own signature style of American cookery, marrying the flavors of barbecue with his love for seasoned chicken and smoked ribs. The combination of the restaurants comfortable dining atmosphere, the exciting vibe all around Metro-Detroit, and the menus stunning range of flavor and spice will satisfy customers for years to come.