The man who created Jelly Belly is making CBD-infused jelly beans

CBD trend continues with jelly beans

It seems that many people are jumping on the train when it comes to CBD, also known as cannabidiol, because it can help relieve stress, anxiety, chronic pain and even insomnia without the high THC provides. It's also become a popular food add-in and it's made its way into a classic candy, jelly beans. 

The creator of the Jelly Belly brand, David Klein, told Cannabis Aficionado that he is always thinking of new candy ideas, and once he heard of the benefits of CBD, he had a new idea. 

“I love candy,” he told Cannabis Aficionado. “Not a day goes by where not only do I eat candy in some form, but I think about new candy ideas.”

While Klein sold the rights to Jelly Belly in 1980, he's back in the game with Spectrum Confections, the CBD-infused jelly bean, which comes in 38 flavors. 



“Toasted marshmallow, pina colada, strawberry cheesecake, which is one of my favorites,” Klein said.

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