🔒 Where to find the best fries in Metro Detroit, according to the Local 4 team


It’s National French Fry Day and we’ve got our top picks for our top fans.

Who has the best fries? Which shape of fry is the best? Some say the waffle fry is elite, while some claim the steak fry tops all. There’s probably no right answer, but there’s definitely a wrong answer (potato wedges aren’t fries, sorry!).

We asked our Local 4 team about their favorite fries in Metro Detroit. For Insiders-only, here are some of our top picks:

🍟 Rhonda Walker: My pick is the herb seasoned fries from Central Kitchen + BAR in downtown Detroit’s Cadillac Square. The seasoned flavoring and crisp texture is addictive, you can’t stop eating them, especially when dipped in the truffle aioli or bistro sauces they serve on the side. So yummy!

🍟 Devin Scillian: Here’s a vote for the rosemary fries at Roast. I expect a great French fry from Michael Symon and he delivers. (McDonald’s is always deserving of honorable mention. On how many road trips have the Golden Arches appeared as a French fry beacon on the horizon?)

🍟 Evrod Cassimy: Central Kitchen near Campus Martius in Detroit. Hands down the best fries I’ve ever had. They know that’s the main reason I go there. By themselves or with the dip. They’re PHENOMENAL.

🍟 Jason Colthorp: Honestly, there are so many places that crush the fries game and while the Cajun fries at Five Guys are one of life’s special moments, I can’t get enough of the sweet potato fries at the South Lyon Hotel. Let me put it this way— they make a dynamite Reuben, and I find myself always eating the fries first!

🍟 Paula Tutman: The honest to goodness best fries to me would be McDonald’s... but only when they’re soooo hot they burn the roof of your mouth. The thing that gets me is when I ask for “hot fries”, I usually get a, “Huh? You want hot fries?” To which I always think to myself, “No, I want cold, soggy fries. Isn’t that how most people like them?” And that’s usually what I get, anyway--so I’ve stopped asking.

🍟 Mara MacDonald: 1. The Parmesan truffle fries at the Capital Grille. Decadent, crisp and a joy to eat. 2. Thin cut fries at the Red Coat Tavern. Salty, plush and the perfect food if the week has been long.

🍟 Hank Winchester: Motz’s Burgers in Detroit. The burgers are great, but the fries and shakes will keep you coming back.

🍟 Kim DeGiulio: Cajun French fries from Green Dot Stables. $3. Can’t beat it!

🍟 Paul Gross: My go-to fry is at Hartfield Lanes in Berkley! I usually order a plate for my bowling team on Thursday nights, and they are awesome. I don’t know how they do it, but they have a nice crunch on the outside…they are the best!

🍟 Victor Williams: McDonald’s fries, if done right. That means fresh, hot and salty.

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