šŸ”’ What to know about Michiganā€™s ā€˜popular barbecue beverageā€™: Touring the Miller Brewery

MILWAUKEE ā€“ A recent study from the Cook Out News released that Miller Lite is the ultimate barbecue beverage for Michigan.

Miller has been brewing staple beers in the Midwest for over 100 years. Miller Lite was first rolled out in the 1970s giving an American standard to pilsners.

So why Miller Lite? What about Budweiser or Bud Light? Well, Miller is based in Milwaukee, and as Michiganders, we are always proud of our Midwestern roots.

Flavor profile

Miller Lite is one of the original light beers. With a light hop flavor and a clean finish, it makes sense why this beverage is considered a popular barbecue beer.

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Checking out the Miller Brewery

A couple of summers back, I visited Milwaukee and had the chance to check out the Miller Brewery.

Miller Brewery Tour (WDIV)

The tour was sensational. The Miller Brewery satisfied so many senses. From the smell of the yeast within their production facility, to the free beer tastings, the tour really transported you through the timeline of how the now-household beer company came to be.

Miller Brewing Company started operations in the mid-1800s, which is when Frederick J. Miller established the brewery in Milwaukee. The tour takes you through Millerā€™s underground caves where barrels were aged, and through a historical Bavarian-style inn with a saloon.

Miller Brewery Tour (WDIV)

Starting in the 1800s and surviving prohibition, this beer company out of Wisconsin has remarkably stood the test of time.

Within the tour, you get an inside look at the dairy farms that Miller, as well as Pabst Brewing Company, had to use to survive the illegal drinking times. From milk to cheese, and even cheese curds, these companies utilized their resources to stay afloat during difficult financial times.

For those interested in learning more about Pabst Brewing Company, Fredrick Pabstā€™s mansion is roughly five minutes away from Miller.

Miller Brewery Tour (WDIV)

Grand Rapids is known as ā€œBeer Cityā€ for 10 years now, and is a popular Midwestern destination for beer lovers. But without the staples that came out of Wisconsin, the beer scene would most likely look very different.

If you are a history buff and enjoy a cold brew, Milwaukee is rich in history and not very far from Metro Detroit. About a six-hour drive, a weekend trip to Milwaukee wonā€™t disappoint.

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Miller Brewery Tour (WDIV)

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