A taste of the UP for Michigan ‘trolls’: Where to find pasties in the Lower Peninsula

Delicious pasties. Credit | Pastry Peddler facebook page

Pasties are beloved by Michiganders, so what better way to celebrate the Upper Peninsula than with the savory treat?

The savory, midwestern-style empanada is what fueled mine and coal workers who worked in the Upper Peninsula. The baked pastry is originally from the United Kingdom, and beyond some of the original flavors, there are many variations that can be found in Michigan.

According to Delighted Cooking, meat pies seem to have originated in Cornwall, England in the 1800s. But, references show that the meat-filled pastries have been around for much longer than that. For instance, on several occasions, Shakespeare referred to the pastry in his works -- and he was around in the late 1500s.

Beef Pasty (WPLG, INC.)

Residents of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, also known as trolls (because they’re below the bridge, get it?), aren’t completely cut off from the Up North delicacy. We’ve rounded up some spots in lower Michigan that offer the savory pastry.

Below are a few spots in the Lower Peninsula where you can get your pasty fix:




Grand Blanc/Flint







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