How to stock up your pantry as inflation is on the rise

DETROIT, Mich. – With inflation on the rise, stocking the pantry may seem like a challenge.

Yet, there are ways to stock the pantry to ensure you save time and money in a pinch. These are some of the ways Beth Eggleston, a Meijer Nutrition Education Specialist, advises people to stock their pantry.

Stocks and Broths

Soup may come to mind when stocks and broths are mentioned, but they are more versatile than one might think. Eggleston cooks both her meat and grains in stock. “I like to cook chicken breasts in broth. I’ll do it in the crock pot and then it’s a lot more juicy and with more flavor.” says Beth, “I will use broth to cook grains because it gives it that extra oomph, that extra flavor as well”.

Beans and Rice

Stocking the pantry with beans and grains may be a great side dish, but it can also become the base to a rice bowl. After cooking the beans or rice, adding toppings can lead to a quick meal.

Packaged Meats or Fish

There are many types of salads that may benefit from the use of packaged meats. Eggleston uses canned tuna to top her niçoise salad. Niçoise salads generally include lettuce, green peppers, eggs, green beans, potatoes, and some form of preserved fish on top.


The pasta aisle is a very crucial element within pantry stockings. The wide variety of styles and ingredients can be utilized in a plethora of recipes. “There are tons of traditional pastas, but now there’s a lot of bean-based pasta, gluten-free, protein-packed pastas, whole wheat grain pastas,” explained Eggleston. Stuffed shells and pasta bakes are just two examples of the possibilities that can be used on a quick meal night.


Ensuring that the food being made is enjoyed is important as well. Spices and various cooking oils can make all the difference in a meal. Grainy mustard can be used as a dressing, but it can also be used within a marinade or cream sauce to elevate the flavor in a dish.

It is important yet, stocking a pantry should be done over time. Make sure to pace yourself and budget for pantry essentials within each grocery trip. Sales are often a great way to fit pantry stocking into a normal trip to the grocery store. “See if you find any 10 for 10 deals or things like that would be good for your pantry and you can get them at a lower cost, " says Eggleston, “some of these canned goods we have behind us are originally $1.55 today they’re $1.00. Why not stock up on those and you can put them in your pantry”.

About the Authors:

Rod Meloni is an Emmy Award-winning Business Editor on Local 4 News and a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional.