‘Sky’s the limit with this brand’: Molson Coors announces 4 new flavors of Simply Spiked

4 new flavors to be released in March

Simply Spiked™ Peach announces four new flavors (Molson Coors)

A new lineup of Simply Spiked™ flavors will be launched later this month.

According to Molson Coors, Simply Spiked™ has announced four new flavors that will be available nationwide in a 12-pack. The four flavors are peach, strawberry peach, kiwi peach and mango peach. The signature peach will also be sold in individual 24 oz singles as well.

These Simply Spiked beverages are made with 5% real fruit juice giving the product a taste of natural flavors. The Simply Spiked™ Lemonade launched in the summer of 2022, and according to Molson Coors, it was the No. 2 top product in sales for Circana and No. 1 in new product sales for Velocity.

“We believe the sky’s the limit with this brand,” said Associate Marketing Manager for Simply Spiked Peach Ashley Austin. According to Austin, people have been asking for the peach flavor since the Simply Spiked Lemonade dropped last summer.

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