How Michigan schools are handling coronavirus outbreak

Wayne State, Michigan State among colleges taking action

DETROIT – Schools around the state of Michigan have been forced to take action to protect students from the threat of the coronavirus.

At Wayne State University, the associate vice president of education outreach and international programs has a shortcut on his desktop that shows a real-time visual of where the coronavirus is at all times.

Hot spots, colored red on the visual, mark concerning locations because Wayne State is a global community with students coming in from other places around the world.

Wayne State has suspended study abroad programs this coming spring break due to the coronavirus threat. The university will compensate students in terms of finances or credits that might be affected by the interruption.

Other schools in the state are following suit.

Michigan State University is making arrangements to house international students over spring break so they don’t have to travel abroad and go through coronavirus hot spots.

Rochester Community School District officials are reminding students that cultural or ethnic intimidation for students who have traveled to and from international destinations is not a proper response to fears. The same goes for Asian students who originally came from mainland China, where the virus originated.

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