How to beat the January blues amid the pandemic

Experts suggest having at least one thing to look forward to

How to beat the January blues

Experts said the cold winter months after the holidays are tough for a lot of people, especially this year because of the pandemic.

Ashley Peterson is keeping her Christmas tree up longer than usual. Peterson said it keeps her home feeling cheerful this time of year.

“It’s going to be sad to have to take this down soon,” she said.

Melissa Hager is trying to get through the post-holiday blues at home with her children, admitting that it’s not easy.

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“It’s super cold, hard to get outside for long, home schooling is just so hard and my kids just miss people,” Hager said.

Counselor Kelly Houseman typically sees a lot of patients this time of year, dealing with the January blue. Now, adding the pandemic.

“Many times, as therapists, our biggest go-to when people are feeling sad and anxious is to go and be with other people. And this year, the isolation has really been taking its toll on everyone,” Houseman said.

Houseman tells her patients to start by getting a check-up with their primary care doctor, to look for ways to get vitamin D and look into light therapy lamps.

“I’ve had clients that use them that suffer with seasonal depression, that it’s been life changing for them,” she said.

To boost your mood, she tells her patients to make sure they have at least one thing to look forward to every day.

She said as it gets dark out early, many people have a hard time finding energy later in the day. She advises to complete your to-do list earlier.

And if you’re struggling with the post-holiday blues this years, Houseman advises to talk to a therapist.

“Sometimes just talking to another person and getting everything out of your head into a session and coming up with a game plan to tackle it is just what someone might need right now,” she said.

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