What’s Going Around: Weather, strep throat, COVID, seasonal allergies, impetigo, bronchitis, ringworm

Here’s our weekly round-up of what illnesses are spreading the most in Metro Detroit communities, according to our local doctors and hospitals.

Local doctors share their notes on What’s Going Around:


Deborah “Micki” Bailey -- MinuteClinic nurse practitioner

“Strep is still going strong across all our clinics. Allergy symptoms are also ramping up with the changes in the weather.”

Wayne County: Strep throat, COVID, seasonal allergies, impetigo, bronchitis, ringworm

Dr. Kevin Dazy

Children’s Hospital of Michigan pediatrician

“Strep is really bad right now, and has been for the last month. I’ve seen strep that’s making some kids really sick. It seems very contagious and aggressive this year and a little later than normal. What’s important for parents to remember is that strep can cause rheumatic fever, scarlet fever and chorea, and we’ve seen some strange cases. I’ve seen chorea, which causes odd neurologically based movements, for the first time in the 12 years I’ve been a doctor. Most of the time, strep can be treated by your pediatrician. But if a child has a fever despite appropriate treatment or antibiotics, a fever lasting longer than five days, is not acting like themselves or is unable to take in adequate fluid, they may need to be seen at the hospital. Parents need to monitor urinary output. I use this analogy: if the tank’s full, you pee. If your tank’s not full, your body holds on to everything it can, so there’s no pee.”

Oakland County: Hand foot and mouth disease, upper respiratory viruses, seasonal allergies, asthma flare-ups, strep throat, COVID, sinus infections, ear infections

Dr. Rena Daiza -- Primary Care Physician, Henry Ford Medical Center Bloomfield Twp.

“With the weather changes, I have been seeing a lot of allergies and asthma flares. Patients should make sure to use their anti-allergy medications and use inhalers appropriately as directed. Come see primary care doctor if not improving as they may need more aggressive treatment to resolve the flare.”

Washtenaw County: Stomach viruses, rotavirus, upper respiratory infections, COVID, seasonal allergies, asthma flare-ups

Dr. Marisa Louie -- Medical Director of Children’s Emergency Services, Michigan Medicine

“We are definitely seeing more injuries. We continue to see a good amount of GI illness, including some that is vaccine preventable (rotavirus).”

Dr. Brad Uren -- Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Michigan Medicine

“Still seeing some URIs including COVID. Not much GI illness. Allergy related stuff less prevalent as the pollen seems to be lower with the recent weather.”

Monroe County: Stomach viruses, strep throat, COPD flare-ups, headaches

Macomb County: Viral infections, seasonal allergies, asthma flare-ups, strep throat

Dr. Evan Coyne -- Emergency physician, McLaren Macomb

“Though tests are negative for COVID-19 and the flu, viral infections have been causing symptoms of cough, congestion, and runny noses.  Despite the poor weather, there has been a significant increase in broken bones and soft tissue injuries sustained during mostly outdoor activities.  The beginning of allergy season has arrived with complications of asthma trending upward.”

Livingston County: Did not report sufficient results this week

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