Is TikTok causing Tourette symptoms?

More teenage girls reporting having tics

More teenagers have been reporting new tics associated with Tourette syndrome. What they have in common: Most of them watch TikTok videos from influencers with the syndrome. Experts say the videos might be "training" the viewers' brains.

Is TikTok causing people to exhibit symptoms of Tourette syndrome?

There has been a rise in symptoms of Tourette’s recently -- mostly among teenage girls -- and the social media app might be to blame.

Researchers at the Wall Street Journal found that many of the girls reporting having tics also shared an interest in watching TikTok videos made by influencers who have Tourette’s. Researchers from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago call the soar in symptoms a “pandemic within a pandemic.”

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Many of the same girls who are reporting new tics also reportedly had a history of anxiety or depression.

Health experts say that the tics are likely being learned and copied from the TikTok videos. They also say the learned behavior can be treated with therapy.

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