Who Was the Woman Chugging Coffee at the Impeachment Hearing?

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Who is the woman at the center of the viral coffee chugging moment during Tuesday’s impeachment hearing?

The woman dramatically chugged her cup of coffee as Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified Tuesday. She tilted her head back to take a big gulp before seeming to remember she was on camera. Still, she went right back in for another sip.

Her name is Emma Dumain and she's a congressional reporter with the news agency McClatchy. She says she grabbed an oatmeal and large coffee on her way to the hearing, where the world saw her chug every last caffeinated drop.

Meanwhile, bombshell testimony came from Gordon Sondland, the Ambassador of the European Union, on Wednesday. He said that there was quid pro quo, or barter type of deal, on Trump’s call to the Ukrainian president. The president was scheduled to leave the White House at 10:45 a.m. but he stayed inside watching the testimony.

The president claimed he doesn't know Sondland very well and disputed details Sondland provided to Congress.

Sondland is a millionaire businessman who owns a chain of luxury hotels in Oregon and Washington state. He was appointed ambassador to the European Union by Trump after he donated $1 million to the presidential inauguration.


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