April the Giraffe: The best giraffe cam conspiracy theories

Not everyone is buying the giraffe live stream

DETROITApril the Giraffe has the entire world waiting for her to give birth.

Many have grown to love watching April, which you can do right here with our live giraffe cam, or by using the video player above. 

Some, though, have taken to the internet to push some really funny April the Giraffe conspiracy theories.

Here are some of the best we could find:

Via Reddit user tennsoundguy: A friend of mine came up with a conspiracy theory for April the Giraffe as follows: What if April the giraffe isn't actually pregnant, and it was all just an elaborate scheme by some evil genius somewhere to get thousands of people around the world to stare at a giraffe's bum for hours and argue back and forth? He's just sitting in his lair somewhere... plotting while the world is distracted. Months from now, a sign will appear in front of the camera: "we just playin... u mad bro?" Chaos and disorder will follow, and phase two, world domination will take place...

The egg theory: Many commenters on live streams have been pushing a theory that giraffe's actually lay eggs.

The April Fools Theory: Some think the giraffe birth is just a giant April Fools joke.

The loop theory: Some think the live cam is just an endless loop of a giraffe walking around.

The social experiment: Some think the giraffe cam is some crazy social experiment

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