Star Wars Battlefront II: A review of the download

Some games let you play a portion while they download. We're reviewing that.


I will get off work today at 6:00PM. Following that, I will buy a birthday present for my mother. Then, dinner with my wife. And after thatafter that my friends, I will play "Star Wars Battlefront II".

This is a game I have been binge-listening to "The Campaign Podcast" to get pumped for (Hi James!) A game I've been salivating over since I learned that it was going to be like Battlefront 1 but with an actual single player story. A game that I bought yesterday. A game that I did not get to play yesterday.

Sort of?

My original intention was to play the game yesterday and get a head start for a review on Tuesday, like I did with "Shadow of War". Unfortunately, my internet was down for most of the evening, and I was only able to start downloading the game an hour before bed time. And when you're this handsome, you don't mess with your beauty sleep.

A great thing about downloading on Origin, however, is that most of those games allow you to play a portion of them while they download. It's essentially a tutorial, but it's a great way to get a feel for the game ahead. And boy howdy, "Battlefront II" looks fun.

Yes, I have heard the complaints about expensive hero packages, and it's silly that they offer "elite editions" off the bat, but all I'm looking at is the base game, and the base game is great.

I played as soldiers of the First Order, crushing rebel scum (although it's unclear why the good guys are "rebels", right? I mean they are the government now, according to the movies, so aren't the First Order the rebels? Whatever.) The game looked gorgeous. It felt like I could practically reach out and touch the blaster I was using to fight for the glorious Empire. When you earn enough victories to unlock the elite troops for that level, fighting as Kylo tantrum-my-way-to-Force-powers Ren is a blast.

If I have any complaint it's that the controller support was hot garbage. I suspect that this is a result of incomplete file transfer during install, but this is not a review of the main game so I consider it fair play. When I used my trusty Xbox 360 controller in the usb port, any attempt at turning caused the screen to jump around like it was listening to mid 90's rap music. When I went back to mouse-and-keyboard, however, everything was aces.

So I shall finish the workday, buy my momma a present, and have a nice dinner. Then, good people, I shall embark on a journey you will hear about on Tuesday. A journey with modern graphics and an actual friggin' story. A journey with blasters and TIE fighters. A journey, on the Battlefront... 2.