Dine in the D: Peepo's Subs and Shawarma

These eye catching dishes have become foodie favorites

DETROIT – Have you ever seen a picture and said, "that looks good enough to eat"? Well that was the reaction our Michelle Oliver had when she saw pictures of the food at Peepo's Subs and Shawarma in Taylor.

Owned by brothers-in-law Mahmoud Elhassan and Ali Elromh, the name "Peepo" was used because it is Elromh's nickname.

On the menu you can find both Middle Eastern and American classics, like falafel, shawarma, subs, and salads.

They also serve up beautiful smoothies with fresh kiwis and bananas stuck to the glass. These eye-catching drinks have become a foodie favorite on Instagram. Elhassan says local foodie's Instagram posts have really driven in business because people see the pictures and just have to try it.

Another dish with a lot of Instagram pictures is their Africano fries which features their signature Africano sauce.  When they first opened, Elhassan explains, they had a large demand for a spicy sub. They tried using conventional hot sauces,  but none of them were hitting the spot so they decided to create their own. You can try their Africano sauce on steak, chicken, breaded chicken, or falafel and it can be served up on fries, subs, salads or rice. He claims the spice in the sauce is so good it converts people into loving spicy food.

Peepo's Subs and Shawarma is located at 10890 Beach Daly Road in Taylor, just north of Goddard. They are open Monday- Friday from 10:00am - 8:30pm, and from 10:00am - 7:30pm on Saturdays.