5 Ice Tray Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed

Most of the time we're complaining that the ice trays in the freezer aren’t filled up... Especially, during hot summer days! But why not use them for more than just ice? We have some great ideas on how you can use your ice trays in some smart and unexpected ways.

Let's start off with using them to make some refreshing drinks by fancying up your “ice”. Use different fruit juices (cranberry works really well) and freeze them in the ice trays just like regular ice. While you're at it, cut up some lemons and add them to ice trays with water and pop those in the freezer too. You can add both to sparkling water and have a refreshing, fruity, delicious beverage.

Next up, is iced coffee - a must to help beat the summer heat. The only down side is how it gets watered down with regular ice. Our solution? Brew some coffee and let it cool down for about an hour then add it to an ice tray and freeze like normal. Use these instead for no more watered down iced coffee!

You can even use ice trays to preserve all of the fresh herbs available in the summer. You don't always get the chance to use them up so why not freeze them to use later? Just cut up your basil, rosemary and the like and freeze them in the ice trays with some olive oil. Now you’ll be able to enjoy your wonderful summer herbs long after the warm weather fades.

The next hack is one from Tati's mom. Did you know you can freeze eggs? Neither did she before this hack. Just whisk the eggs together like you normally would when making an omelet or scrambled eggs. Then pour the eggs in to an ice tray and freeze. When you're ready just cook them in a pan like fresh eggs. And, don't worry they won't be watery. 

Try these hacks out and let us know what you think!

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