This local restaurant has been around for 100 years!


Since 1918, Andrews on the Corner has been on the corner of Atwater and Joseph Campau in Detroit, serving up some delicious food with a family touch. Part of what makes this place so welcoming is the family that has been running it since the beginning.

"This place was purchased by my grandfather," explains owner Tom Woolsey. "From the time he purchased it until the time he died in 1977, [he] operated and lived up here until that time."

The founder's name was Gus Andrews, an Americanized version of his Greek name that he adopted when he moved to America. Currently, his grandson, Tom Woolsey, runs the joint with help from his three daughters.

"I was pretty much raised in here, " says Woolsey. "I played on these streets here and I started working here in high school. Growing up, I always thought that one day I would be the boss here. My kids have a culture of respecting this place so it means a lot to them."

Over the years the place has changed a bit-- mostly updating for the times--but there is a lot they kept the same. 

"I tried to keep as much original as possible. We still have the original walls and the original wainscot in this room. We have original tin ceilings. What's most important to me about being here is my family that have supported this place all these years," says Woolsey. 

One thing that has changed a lot is their menu. At the beginning, Andrews On The Corner operated more like a cafeteria for the businesses that were near by. Now it is sit-down restaurant with table service. They serve elevated bar food and one of their most popular dishes is their Lake Erie Perch. Their chefs also create an extensive specials menu daily, with items like their fried grilled cheese with mozzarella, spinach and a sun-dried tomato pesto.

If you would like to try out Andrews On The Corner, they are located at 201 Joseph Campau in Detroit.