JLF Paddle Boards are almost like walking on water

Think you can walk on water? Well... you can stand on water if you use a paddle board. It's probably the fastest growing trend on all the lakes we have around Michigan and here to show us how to use one is owner Janice Falzon, from our friends at JLF Adventures. 

Falzon tells us why paddle boarding is a game changer. She says that paddle boarding has been around for a long time, but inflatable paddle boarding is something that is newer and gives you the ability to deflate an 11 ft paddle board and roll it up and fit into a backpack to transport. 

Once you take it out to the water you can stand or kneel on the board, you can also turn the board into a kayak as well. Falzon says this inflatable board is highly durable and to think of it as a white water raft. It has a thick plastic material on the outside layer, and on the inside, they have thousands of nylon threads holding it together. 

If you purchase the paddle board it comes with a complete set taht includes a removable center fin, paddle, leash, carry strap and a hand pump. 

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