Hey, look at that: Street art taking over sidewalks of Ann Arbor

Watch where you're walking, you may find beautiful art under your feet


David Zinn, is a local artist who creates eclectic chalk drawings all over Ann Arbor, he has been bringing his exotic creations to life for many years. It was when he was working as a freelance commercial artist that he got the itch to change his canvas, so he gathered his tools and started drawing on the sidewalks and walls of Ann Arbor.

Admittedly his art style is kind of out there and the name for it, femoral parabolic anamorphosis, which means at a certain angle it appears to be 3D, is even more out of this world. Completing a drawing can take half an hour to a couple of hours to make.

David has two books filled with his drawings, including his recent release,  "Underfoot Menagerie." They are available for purchase on Amazon.com.