This special motorcycle club is changing lives in the D

When you see a group of motorcycles heading down the road, you may not assume they are a charity group. 

But, that's exactly what you should think if you see members of the Shielded Souls who are riding their bike with purpose. 

Founder Craig "Bogie" Bogart said the way they formed was when a bunch of like-minded guys got together and wanted to do something for the community. 

Shielded Souls law enforcement motorcycle club is made up of police officers, first responders, veterans and invited guests. 

 They support multiple charities through fundraisers and organized rides. They have put their work into hurricane relief in Texas and the "Mi Cookie Project" for people with special needs. 

These humble souls don't want to be praised for what they are doing. They say they do it to see the smiles on all the faces of the people they help.

Rick "Gunny" Meredith says his favorite thing about being apart of Shielded Souls is knowing that you did something good for somebody and made an impact on their life.

You can find more information about Shielded Souls on their Facebook page.