Fireplaces for any home from Fireside Hearth and Home

How you can have a cozy experience in your home


During the winter season, the cold, rain, snow and sleet make it a perfect season to be snuggled up in a blanket on the couch with a warm fireplace nearby. And if you don't have a fireplace, you can install one in your home whether or not you have a chimney. Michelle Oliver is checking out the new trends with our friends at Fireside Hearth & Home. 

Michelle sat down with Derek Praet from Fireside Hearth & Home and showed us a vented gas log fireplace that can bring a big beautiful fireplace into your home. However, a vented gas log fireplace needs to have a chimney. Praet also showed us the direct vent insert. This fireplace can be inserted to an existing fireplace, nothing needs reconstruction. It's a very simple and easy process. If you don't own a home and can't build a fireplace, you can purchase an electric fireplace that can hang directly on a wall like a TV or a stand alone fireplace with a mantel on it that looks like a natural one. No chimney needed!

Fireside Hearth & Home has experts that can show you how to use the products and they also have their own installers who can install the products in your home for you. 

And you could bring the illusion of a fireplace into your home for free. We are giving away a 38-inch Simplifire wall-mounted electric fireplace. The retail value is over $450. For your chance to win, go to our Live In The D Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/4liveinthed or the contests page here  contest rules are posted there as well. 

To find a location near you head to their website at https://firesidehearth.com/.