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Whether you are looking for a place to eat after doing some last minute shopping at 12 Oaks Mall, or you are looking for a nice dinner and a show to entertain your holiday guests, we have the place for you! Located on Grand River in Novi, Michelle Oliver took us to Dine in the D at Big Tommy's Parthenon. 

With lots of lamb and spinach pie, Big Tommy's Parthenon is a classic Greek restaurant, and working in a classic Greek restaurant is something owner Elena Stylianou has done her whole life. She even met her husband Andrew Stylianou in her father's restaurant, and in 2011 they opened their own. Elena said that this was a continuation of that, and wanted it in honor of him. 

It is a large restaurant with the top floor used to serve food, while the bottom one plays host to a comedy club. They have 200 seats upstairs and downstairs has been a comedy club for 5 years. They serve lots of Greek food, some of which are old family recipes and they serve many classics from their past restaurants, including the famous Saganaki. They have added some new dishes too, like their artichoke chicken fire roasted.

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