This Howell bakery is serving up some mouthwatering mammoth milkshakes!

It may be cold and icy outside, but this is the perfect time to close your eyes and dream of a warm summer day...sitting on a beach... enjoying a rich cold shake. Is it classic vanilla? Perhaps chocolate? Why not make it really really elaborate?

That's what they are doing at M Street Baking Company in Howell. Their mammoth milkshakes are piled high with sweet confestions like mini cupcakes, rice crispie treats and giant oreos. 

"We've been baking forever, you know, we get it from our mom and our grandma," explained Emily Mazaris. She is one of the owners along with her sister and her mom. They started their business by making cakes and cupcakes for friends, and kept on growing and expanding until they became a full-blown bakery in Howell.

"We travel a lot and see all the cool trends, so we want to bring cool trends to downtown Howell and to Michigan," said Mazaris.

They certaintly have brought some trendy food to their quaint bakery with unicorn cupcakes and fruity pebble rice krispies, but how did they come up with the idea for their crazy shakes?

Well, their milkshakes started as a way for them to raise money for a breast cancer fundraiser in Howell. It was a hot day so they made a pink milkshake and the idea really caught on. They now have a variety of milkshake flavors that they change up seasonally.

"We get excited very easily, and if we get excited about something we like to start it right away,"said Mazaris.

They put everything on top of their milkshakes from candy, to a ice cream bars, to toasted marshmellows. They are all made with 5 scoops of ice cream, heavy cream, and are beautifully presented, often with a spritz of edible glitter. 

One flavor they always have is "birthday party" which features cotton candy, animal crackers, a lollipop, sprinkles, a sugar cone and so much more.    

"Taste is number, obviously, becuase you could go somewhere one time because you saw something on Instagram, but I'm worried about if you are going to come back. So I want you to keep coming back because what you had was great," said Mazaris.

M Street Baking Company is located at 117 N Michigan Ave. in Howell.