This modern Italian eatery will get you revved up for the weekend!

With their scrumptious pasta, craft pizzas and delectable seafood, you can tell Chef Scott Brown of Zeoli's knows what he's doing. He has worked in restaurants since he was young, going from dishwasher to executive chef, something he always wanted, then came the next step, restaurant ownership. 

"I had a few different restaurant concepts, and this one definitely rose to the top because it involves a lot of personal likes- motorcycles, scooters, and just the cuisine itself," said Brown. 

It is a modern Italian eatery with a colorful chic atmosphere. He has some eye-catching elements in his decor including a real Ducati motorcycle behind the bar and a vintage Italian Vespa on display when you first walk in. Both of which went on some interesting adventures which Brown can tell you about when you stop in. 

Creating the restaurant was very much a family affair with his father, stepfather, and father in law helping him to find or build various elements, including the bar. His sister in law took all the photos you see around the place of Vespas and bikes. Even the name Zeoli's is all in the family, with it being his wife's maiden name.  

For food, they do classic Italian dishes kicked up a notch. A great example is their golden mozzarella appetizer. It's made with fresh, sliced mozzarella hand-breaded in house and is served with a caponata, which is an Italian eggplant dish similar to a chutney, instead of marinara. Chef Brown said they also have vegan and gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions.  

Zeoli's is located at 110 E. 14 Mile Rd in Clawson. 

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