Discover delicious vegan foods and drinks at GreenSpace Cafe in Royal Oak

Enjoy a feast for all of your senses at this meatless restaurant

Around this time of year, people start thinking about shorts, swimsuits and looking fit and healthy. If you want to look good on the outside, you may want to start with the inside. There are delicious ways to get started thanks to our friends at GreenSpace Cafe in Ferndale and GreenSpace and Go in Royal Oak.  Dr. Joel Kahn, a cardiologist and founder of the restaurants, joined Tati Amare to discuss some of the dishes that could help you get to your healthy goals.

Dr. Kahn said GreenSpace restaurants are special because they offer plant-based, fully vegan menus, which are dishes completely free of meat, dairy or any animal products. He said after 30 years of practicing medicine, creating delicious and healthy foods is key to living a healthy life. Some of the dishes Dr. Kahn brought included a fresh beet hummus, a tempeh (fermented, organic soy used to take the place of meat) sandwich and salads, since it's National Salad month in May. 

When asked why people should consider adopting a vegan lifestyle, Dr. Kahn said it's a great way to power your body without chemicals and fillers that are sometimes put in foods. It is a way of life that many athletes are starting to follow. Dr. Kahn also highlighted vegan alcohol, since some wines and liquors are produced with animal products. His restaurant in Ferndale offers vegan, alcoholic drinks and he said the bartender will help you create the perfect vegan cocktail.

To learn more about GreenSpace Cafe in Ferndale and GreenSpace and Go in Royal Oak, or how Dr. Kahn can help you get on the path to a vegan lifestyle, visit the website www.greenspacecafe.com.

This segment was sponored by GreenSpace Cafe and GreenSpace and Go.