Should parents pay for the prom?

What's the Buzz Today is all about prom season, which is happening right now. The popular dance can bring up a ton of issues at home, and that's what we're tackling today. Joining host Tati Amare on our panel is Lauren Crocker, part of "The Blaine Fowler Morning Show" on 96.3 WDVD, Marlin Williams, a technology strategist and "The Schotchinista" on YouTube, and Jason Hall with RiDetroit. 

First up, are proms getting too expensive? From the dresses and tuxes to limos, is social media pushing up the costs? "I experienced this two years ago and I am still in shock," said Marlin, further commenting that her daughter wanted a dress that cost over $1,000. "Where do we go from here?" Jason pointed out, saying they will expect even more when accomplishing something bigger. The group all agreed that it was getting too expensive for just one night and that social media was causing a large rise in the costs.

This leads to the question of who should pay for it? Marlin started the group off saying the costs should be split between the parent and the child because then the child will make different decisions. Jason agreed saying it was a good opportunity to teach them responsibility. Lauren chimed in saying the couple going should also split costs. 

Onto the next topic: If a child acts up, is it too extreme of a punishment to take away prom? Lauren chimed in saying it was too extreme. Marlin and Jason, however, said it depends on what the child did, but there were some instances where taking away prom is appropriate."The punishment has to fit the crime," said Jason.

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Posted by Live in the D on Sunday, May 12, 2019

How do you talk to kids about making good choices while they are off having their night of fun? Lauren said she always had an open relationship with her parents and believed that honesty is the best policy. Marlin agreed and said she likes to point out how actions have consequences and that one choice can ruin your future if not done smartly. "You get to decide, but the consequences are your's," she stated. Jason, however, believes the hard work on that front comes before prom night. "Raise your children so when we get to prom night the discussion is, 'Have a good time!'" said Jason.

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